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Chained To A Maniac

Comedy with dance – 3m/7-10f Brian is the skinny guy without a girl. Malia is his best friend. Brian lusts after Emma, the cool popular girl, who barely knows his name. In his efforts to impress and get next to Emma, Brian keeps finding himself in situations he finds horrible and awkward, nearly all of which involve dance. He tries swing dancing and is nearly killed. He gets roped in to a dance rehearsal with the cheerleaders and is nearly killed. He even tries ballet, suffering the indignity of tights and “Dance Master Cozzi”. And is nearly killed. Ultimately, in a disco finale, he finds his groove, but realizes the one he really loves has been by his side all along. Fast, funny, and filled with physical humor, this is a terrific piece for one of those years when you have more dancers than actors. Runs 25-30 minutes. Scripts $5.95 each. Royalties: $35 each performance.

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